Service is the difference.

About Us

Sustainable Crop Insurance Services, LP (SCIS) is a subsidiary of the National Sorghum Producers (NSP). It was founded in 2006 and began with licenses in Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Chris Cogburn was the only agent and managed the business while also acting as the Strategic Business Director for NSP. In 2012, SCIS added two new agents, John Duff and Andy Boyd. In 2012, SCIS added Nebraska and Arkansas licenses, and in 2014, added South Dakota. Also in 2014, Emily Henry began her career with SCIS as an agent and office administrator. With the continued growth of the business, Chris Cogburn resigned from his position with NSP in 2015 and is now solely involved with SCIS.

We believe that “service is the difference” and strive to deliver that in all aspects of our interaction with clients. Catching you at your place and working with your busy schedule is important to us. Our clients range from 100 acres to over 40,000 acres, but personal service is truly our goal in working with each client on a personalized crop insurance package. From simply making sure that forms are done correctly to complex added land requests and everything in between, service is the difference to each of our clients. Remember, all of the crop insurance products underwritten by RMA cost the same, so service is the difference in crop insurance agents.

Why “Sustainable” for a name?

Long before “sustainable” became a buzzword in ag media circles, we chose that name for a simple reason: We can only be sustainable in our business if you are sustainable in yours. With this in mind, our passion is servicing your crop insurance needs and providing the best insurance package for the situation. You can’t control the weather, but you can control the crop insurance choices you make.