Ethanol use boosts sorghum demand

Ethanol plants used 145 million bushels of a 597 million-bushel sorghum crop during the 2015/16 marketing year. This record utilization followed the previous year in which ethanol plants, unable to compete with extraordinary Chinese demand, used only 15 million bushels of »

Renewable fuel standard matters to sorghum growers

Alcohol. One of the most controversial liquids in history. It’s so controversial there was actually a constitutional amendment enacted to ban it. Then there was a constitutional amendment enacted to make it legal again. Incidentally, these amendments also effectively destroyed and »

Taking sorghum to the next level

I was at an ethanol conference a couple of years ago, and one of the presentations included a picture of the fermenters in Gulf Oil’s cellulosic ethanol pilot plant. This seemed odd, as I didn’t think Gulf Oil had been »