Something to Watch

One of the projects we were working on this summer was our videos talking about SCIS and who we are. »

Ethanol use boosts sorghum demand

Ethanol plants used 145 million bushels of a 597 million-bushel sorghum crop during the 2015/16 marketing year. This record utilization followed the previous year in which ethanol plants, unable to compete with extraordinary Chinese demand, used only 15 million bushels of »

Sustainability, carbon intensity definitions can get complicated

Sustainability, from a farmer’s perspective, can be a very ambiguous consumer buzzword. Carbon intensity is even more so. In this down-turned farm economy, economic survival is higher on the priority list when selecting crops or production practices. However, while these two »

Ethanol, feeders boost use to keep demand strong

For years, the sorghum balance sheet never changed. On an annual average, a third of the crop was purchased by ethanol plants, a third left the country for export markets, and the remaining portion was fed to livestock, used for the consumer »

Great year for sorghum markets, yields and research

2015 was a great year for the sorghum industry. Not only did we see incredible acreage gains driven by exploding demand from China, but we also saw ethanol plants re-enter the demand picture and a flurry of positive press surrounding sorghum as »

Knowing the numbers puts money in the bank

Last month we covered some cost-tracking basics. This can be a boring topic, but knowing your costs can be extremely important in today’s low-price environment. First off, putting sorghum in the ground is easy on the pocketbook. The price of a »