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Something to Watch

This summer has flown by and I am busy catching producer's wheat production and getting acres to quote for the upcoming crop. It has been a tough year in the Lubbock area with almost no non-irrigated cotton left. However, if we can get some help and a good fall, we could have tremendous irrigated cotton yields. The area north of Amarillo looks good where they have missed hail, but we turned in a lot of prevented planting in SE Colorado due to the drought.

One of the projects we were working on this summer was our videos talking about SCIS and who we are. Please visit our YouTube channel to access all of our videos that introduce SCIS, show our agents, and discuss PRF and PCI. The PRF and PCI each have a short introductory video and then a longer detailed video.

The link to the YouTube channel is:

Take a look at our intro video and let us know what you think.