Something to Watch

One of the projects we were working on this summer was our videos talking about SCIS and who we are. »

2019 Fumonisin Update #1

2019 Particulars I have heard of some corn testing above 20 ppm already and the rain today (Sep 21) may blow up the fumonisin levels as it did last year. Hopefully, the sun comes out quickly after the rain and we don’ »

A New Year

We have rolled into 2018 and things are busy. We are now licensed in 23 states. We added the new states to work on Production Cost Insurance (PCI) for 2018. We feel that PCI is the type of product that can make »

Fumonisin Update #3

After discussions with different farmers, elevators, and end users, I know there is still much confusion around the default discount factor (DF) for the corn that tests above 2.1 ppm for fumonisin. Please see update 1 about the importance of not »

Fumonisin Update #2

RMA has released Manager's Bulletin MGR-17-015 that does confirm that quality adjustments for fumonisin will be for samples 2.1 ppm or above. This confirms what was discussed at the Dumas meeting with Matt Mitchell from RMA stating that the LAM was »