Fumonisin Update #3

After discussions with different farmers, elevators, and end users, I know there is still much confusion around the default discount factor (DF) for the corn that tests above 2.1 ppm for fumonisin. Please see update 1 about the importance of not »

Fumonisin Update #2

RMA has released Manager's Bulletin MGR-17-015 that does confirm that quality adjustments for fumonisin will be for samples 2.1 ppm or above. This confirms what was discussed at the Dumas meeting with Matt Mitchell from RMA stating that the LAM was »


Fumonisin is a mycotoxin that is caused by the fusarium fungus. I will not go into much detail on the fungus itself except to say that it is in the soil and has been around for a long time. The key problem »

Don't Roll the Dice on Your Interval Selections

We began writing PRF policies in the fall of 2012 for the 2013 calendar year. Our methods of optimization to arrive at an optimized set of intervals and the given percentages assigned to each interval have changed over the years. However, we »