Service is the difference.

A New Year

We have rolled into 2018 and things are busy. We are now licensed in 23 states. We added the new states to work on Production Cost Insurance (PCI) for 2018. We feel that PCI is the type of product that can make a large difference in operations and the way producers look at crop insurance. The bad part is that the Texas Department of Insurance has not approved it for sale in Texas and it looks like that is not happening anytime soon. That just means we have to take the policy to producers. That is nothing new for us. We travel tens of thousands of miles every year to visit with producers and work with them at their place - not ours. This has been the cornerstone of our business from the beginning.

Check out our new PCI page which has some updates from last year. We also have our analysis tool built and would love to show you how PCI can work in your operation. I think that PCI Select will be a fit for many producers that want to keep working with MPCI (and stay with their existing agent) and also incorporate the benefits of PCI into their risk management portfolio. Let us demonstrate that service is the difference and how it helps you.

For the record, the 23 states are: TX, OK, KS, NM, CO, AR, NE, SD, WY, AZ, IA, MN, IL, MO, KY, TN, LA, MS, AL, GA, SC, NC, and VA. If you are in one of these states, give us a call!