Something to Watch

One of the projects we were working on this summer was our videos talking about SCIS and who we are. »

Note rallies, take advantage

One of my colleagues developed a U.S. corn farm price model for the spring issue of Sorghum Grower. While the results held few surprises, they did make us look at a few things differently. First, commodities really do move together. This »

This year, make the best of the bad

A couple years ago, I attended a short course on a statistical analysis package for Excel. At the end of the course, James Richardson, the Texas A&M University professor who wrote the program, worked the class through an exhaustive farm »

Tracking costs is vital to marketing

We’ve covered a lot of ground since my first column. I’ve written about forage sorghum, biomass sorghum for cellulosic ethanol production, the new Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS2) and active marketing. Each of these represents an opportunity to profit from some »